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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joe is OK!

Today (Dec. 13, 2011) We got a short email from Joe who is serving his mission right now in Liege, Belgium, saying:
"Terrorist attack in my city happened today, no big deal we're safe and sound, a few people were killed but we are fine. Love you much."

I went online to find the details and here are some headlines:

Liege attack: Gunman kills three in Belgium

another says:

Belgium attack: grenades thrown at bus-stop in Liege - Tuesday 13 December 2011

We're SO grateful Joe & his companion and all the other missionaries are safe!

Christmas time again!

So, I made my SNOWMAN CHRISTMAS TREE again this year -
I did get a new topper for the tree - this one is SO cute!!
I found it at - of all places, Big Lots - $9.00

Here are some other decorations that are up in our house this year
And, of course, the "Paris France" Christmas tree
(in honor of Joe)

I love Christmas time!
It's the best time of the year!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I really like the website: Pinterest
Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the Internet.
People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, organize their recipes, etc...
You can also browse pinboards created by other people. This is a great way to find new things and get inspiration from other people who share similar interests.

Here is an example of what is on some of my boards (things I like):

These are just a few things that I like -
But I keep adding to my boards all the time -
There are so many ideas out there -

Friday, September 9, 2011

The End of our Trip

After Manihi, we fly back to Papeete and have a
6 1/2 hour layover -
So we decide to go to the Tahiti Temple -
It is so Beautiful!
Our dinner on the way to the Temple -

All the restaurants & stores were closed at 5pm
We finally found a small store open and bought
this huge baguette - we split it & ate it for dinner.
After the Temple, we got back to the airport for our
10:55 pm flight back to Los Angeles.

Arrive back at LAX at 10:00 am the next day.

We had an INCREDIBLE time in French Polynesia -
Would LOVE to return some day.....

The Tuamotu Archipel

We fly from Bora Bora to an atoll called: Manihi
Manihi is in a set of islands called the Tuamotu Archipels.
It is very small -

On the plane ride to Manihi, we flew
on a 66 passenger plane -
there were only 9 passengers aboard!
It was funny watching the airline employee
showing us how to use the
emergency flotation devices -
because there was hardly anyone on board!
We are staying at the Pearl Beach Resort - Manihi
We have an Overwater Beach Bungalow - very cool!
You eat your meals at the hotel because
there is nowhere else to go to -
in other words, your stuck!
But, our room and the resort are very nice!

At the airport, you are met by the hotel staff and
they take you to the hotel in a golf cart...
(its only 5 minutes away)
(they also give you flower lei's) nice touch!
The hotel even has a MINI GOLF -
Things we did in MANIHI:

We went on a MOTU Picnic
(a motu is a small island)

On our way to the Motu, we did
Hand Line Fishing -
The first fish caught was by this girl -
she caught a SHARK!
The man (his name is: VeeDee) let it go....
The second fish caught was by this girl -
She caught an Octopus -
It was also let go...
The man who let the Octopus go - did something
that was VERY STRANGE!
Watch the video and see for yourself -
I caught 2 fish - (just normal fish)
Bob caught 4 fish - normal fish also!
Then, Bob lost his "fishing pole" in the water -
He started to jump in after it,
but VeeDee said...no!

This is how many fish our group caught -
We snorkeled - it was good snorkeling!
This guy caught an octopus
that we're going to get to eat!
The food that they cooked for us - YUMMY!
Then they caught a NICE SHARK!
We got to hold it!
Then he put it back where it belongs ...
The guys all get to open a coconut with their teeth!
Bob is the first one done!

Hanging out at the pool -
I weaved my very own hat -
Went bike riding while chasing the sunset -
Went to a PEARL FARM
to learn all about Pearls -
The Food was very good at our hotel -
especially the dessert!
My Salad with WHITE asparagus !!
The airport was essentially nothing but a counter you walk up to
and they weigh your bags - there is no building to go into -
you sit on a bench (if you can find one).
This is the ticket agent at the airport...
He looked familiar to me.....
Where had I seen him before?
Oh yea ---- he was the guy that taught me how to weave my hat back at the resort....