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Love Generously
Care Deeply
Speak Kindly
& leave the rest to God

Friday, September 21, 2012


Wow! It's been such a long time since I updated this blog (4 months).
There have been so many things to blog about.
I'd better get started.....
First of all, Teri & James had their beautiful baby boy, Ryan Matthew, on the 4th of July.  What a great day for a birthday!  And he is such a good little boy.  I hope they realize how lucky they are.

Second, Bob & I flew to Amsterdam and spent a few days there.  It is such a beautiful city.  We went to the Anne Frank House and got to walk around the rooms that her family was hidden in.  That was an incredible feeling!  Then we got to take a bicycle ride into the countryside with an organized tour group.  It was fun and great to be able to see the countryside and how beautiful it is.

After Amsterdam, we flew to Africa and went on an AFRICAN SAFARI.  WOW!  What an experience that was!  Definitely a trip of a lifetime!
We were on the Safari for 5 days and then we flew over to an island called Zanzibar which is on the coast of Tanzania (it's actually part of Tanzania).

That was quite the experience also.  We took a tour of the city, and then a spice tour.  We saw where Freddie Mercury (Queen) was born.  (Definitely a highlight)!!

And then I flew home.

As I was in the Kilimanjaro Airport getting ready to board my flight for Los Angeles, Ryan and Joe were just arriving at the same airport for an adventure of their own.  One that I decided not to participate in.

Bob, Ryan, and Joe spent the next week climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  The summit's elevation is 19,340 feet.  That didn't sound like anything I'd like to do.  But, those 3 guys saw a challenge and wanted to conquer it.  And they did.  They even did it one day quicker than they had originally planned.  Which was a good thing because the boys were able to go on their own "mini safari".  And they were also able to witness what life is like in Arusha.

It was quite the experience for all of us.  I sure do love traveling.  It really gives you a flavor of how people live around the world.  And let me just say this; i've never seen poverty like I saw in Tanzania.  It's amazing to me how the people can live in those circumstances.  We take so much for granted.  Things like having a washer and dryer.  Those people was their clothes by hand.

It sure does make you appreciate what we've been so blessed with.