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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Addicted to Crocheting!

Just ask Bob and he'll tell you - I love to crochet! If I'm at JoAnn's Fabrics you'll find me in the yarn aisle. Yep - I'm addicted to Granny Squares. Since January, I've made 3 afghans already - and i'm getting ready to start my next one. Here are pictures of what I've created....

So, I'm ready to start my next project, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, just looking for something new....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weather is Beautiful in D.C. this time of year!!

We got tickets to the Washington Monument - it was awesome - you take an elevator all the way to the TOP! Then you look out all around Washington D.C. (there is nothing taller than the Washington Monument). It was beautiful - we even saw the Washington Temple far off in the distance.

Next on the agenda - Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial.

After all those memorials we thought we'd have time to see the Air & Space museum (which we did) and we also saw an IMAX movie of the Hubble Telescope. (some of us slept through it - not to mention any names).

The Washington D.C. Zoo

We took Kiley & Ashton to the Zoo and gave their parents a rest for the afternoon - We loved it! We saw all kinds of animals; panda bears, elephants, zebras, gorillas, and Ashton's favorite, the Elephant Shrew.

I think the Dippin' Dots Ice Cream might have been their favorite thing of the day....
Well, judging by the pictures - it certainly was Kiley's!



So, yeah, we just got back from a really cool trip to D.C. with the Family + Ryan's girlfriend, Alex Safford. We stayed in Dupont Circle at Embassy Suites - we had 3 suites - so, Ryan stayed in a room with Mickey, Shawn, and Kiley. And, Alex stayed in a room with Melissa, Mark, and Ashton. Me & Bob had our own suite - which we liked to refer to as "Headquarters."

First day there, was St. Patrick's day - and we were having a contest to see who could come up with the best costume - everyone participated and had Great Costumes.

But, Ryan & Alex went a little bit beyond the rest. They made their own shirts (a rainbow which when put together was complete), they bought shoes and decorated them, even. So, they were the winners. But, everyone was very cute!!
We had a tour of the Capital today which was very Cool!
Did you know that Brigham Young is in the Capital?
We were lucky enough to get into the white house - and take a tour - (self guided, of course)
Because it was St. Patrick's Day - they turned the fountain at the white house GREEN!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Going to Washington DC

We're going to Washington DC to see Ryan's Mission -
can't wait to go!
We got tickets to have a tour of the WHITE HOUSE - AWESOME!
Ryan's going to take us all around and show us all the great places in D.C.
it's going to be really great to have our own personal
"tour guide."
Bob & I are planning to take Kiley & Ashton to the Zoo -
They have monkey, gorillas, elephants, pandas,
and a bunch of other animals we can't wait to see!
When we get back - I'll give a full report --
with so many people going it's hard to stay on an itinerary
(or time schedule)
we'd rather be free to go where the wind blows us....