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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is Swan Valley for us?

About ten years ago, Bob decided that someday he would return to Swan Valley, Idaho. He had fond memories of some of the best fly fishing in the U.S. and Elk Hunting and Nature in its abundance and Greatest Beauty. It was all in one place in Bobs mind. And that dream location was Swan Valley Idaho.
He had great plans of an early retirement where he could fish and hunt and hike through some of the most beautiful mountains and relax watching wildlife crossing his property. The chance to return to Swan Valley was a reality for our family this week, Bob finally talked Becky into taking their trailer and spending a few days. Even Becky will admit that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
A few friends joined us: here is one of our favorites: Mr. Ashton Glodowski
And his mother: Mrs. Ashton Glodowski: AKA: Melissa GlodowskiAnd of course, the uncle of Mr. Ashton Glodowski: Uncle Ryan Ford We did lots of fun things: we ate square ice cream
We went to the DAM store
We had fun sleep overs that went way too long (& Mr. A stayed up the longest!)
Ryan and Bob went fly fishing -
After a day of fly fishing, Ryan was exhausted!
But Bob wasn't phased because of the enthousiasm for where he was! (also Bob never gets tired)
We ate MORE SQUARE ice cream
After all that funness, IS SWAN VALLEY FOR US????
Well, it really was a beautiful place and alot of fun, but........
unfortunately, there were a lot of mosquitos and Becky did not like them one bit!
She was very grateful that Will Ford (her new favorite nephew) gave her an electric bug zapping tennis racket (that zaps flying bugs on contact.)
She was never without that racket wherever she went!!
It was annoying, yes, but, it was even seen in bed at night - Because mosquitos got into the trailer too so the racket came in handy inside the trailer.
So, Bob realized that Becky would never be happy living in a place that had so many bugs and mosquitos. He knew regardless of the beauty it wouldn't be worth listening to Becky complain about the bugs, not to mention the fear of being shocked by the electric tennis racket.
So, Bob will miss Becky in Swan Valley.
Actually, Bob realizes he would be happier being with Becky than living alone amidst everything he loves. So, for Bob the search continues. Where will he go next? What other real estate agent will he drag through the mountains, the hills, and the trees to find a place where he can hang his hat. Even if its for just a few months each year.
In the mean time, Becky will be back in Temecula, laying out at her pool, relaxing, while reading a good book, where she has already found paradise!


  1. Why is this written in the 3rd person....I just dont understand what's happening.

  2. ok...I am not Mrs. Ashton Glodowski. That would mean I am his wife. I am Mrs. Mark Glodowski, Mother of Ashton Glodowski.

  3. sounds like swan valley in now a swan song, alas

  4. PS: that pic of mom and dad in the bed sleeping is so Fake. Dad doesnt sleep with his mouth open and he's sort of smiling. Dont try to fool us by posing for sleeping pictures when we all know you were awake.

  5. So, Will stole my "Favorite Nephew" status with a bug zapper? That is shallow.

  6. I think i swam in that pool for a longer duration of time than i did sleeping in temecula this past week.

  7. i bet Joe would love the DAM store!!
    Love Aunt Sue (i don't have a google account) it's really me not Darren haha!