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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joe at the MTC

Joe is now at the MTC (Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah. He reported on February 10th. It was a sad day for us, but a happy day for him.

He wrote his first email on Saturday. This is what some of it said:

Hey whats going~ just so you know I am alive and I got your package. But ya mtc is pretty cool. long days, today is not going to be my real p-day but next week we start our real schedule. um so i already wrote you a letter its in the mail right now.
when i left you guys i went through a bunch of different processing things and got my lunch card and dropped my bags off at the room and stuff. I then went to my class room where I met up with my district and my comp.
They're eight of us in the district and they are all pretty cool for the most part my companion lives in norcal and he and I have the same birthday and same year. Weird, i know. But there were 29 new missionaries going French speaking, some to Africa, some to Montreal, some to Tahiti and us to Paris.
So check this out... i walk up to my room and we live right by the ironing board and low and behold is Cort Trejo ironing his t-shirt. he lives just a few doors down from me so thats funny. also i saw Steven Smith and i talked to him for a minute and i saw Sister Connors who works in the mtc and i talked to her for a moment too.
So i got a couple letters already which definitely boost spirtits.
I haven't learned too much French yet. It all begins on Monday, and actually everyone in my district already has taken at least 2 years French, one kid was in French emersion for 7 years. So i'm a lil bit behind the rest of the group. hahaha.
So ya we are in the classrooms alot of the times and we watch all these different videos on people who tell about their life. It is on you tube called "6 billion others" I feel like a therapist or something.
Well i don't really have any other cool stories yet.
I guess the week before we came in President Oochdorf was there greeting all the new missionaries and unfortunately we got stuck with a greeting by the relief society president. haha just kidding but we did meet her.
They limit my time for email to 30 mins which is plenty of time but today I had to register and make an account so my time was cut way short so i'm about done here.
Love ya, Elder Ford!

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