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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This Drug has saved my life!
I have been getting migraines for a long long time -
The pill I've been taking (zomig) has slowly been losing its effectiveness.
And, with the frequency of my headaches, I decided to go and see a Headache Specialist (Neurologist) down at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas.
That was the best thing I could have done!!
This doctor introduced me to: SUMAVEL DOSEPRO a needlefree injection system.
It takes away my headaches within 10 minutes!!
I can literally watch the clock and my headache is always gone within 10 minutes - it's amazing!!

It's an injection in the Stomache or the thigh -
you get to choose!!

And this is what the needlefree injection looks like -

All I know is that - I LOVE IT - and I wish I could get my hands on more of them.
As it is, my insurance is ANTHEM, BLUE CROSS and they only allow 4 per month. So, in other words, according to them, I am only allowed to have 4 headaches a month.
Is there something wrong with this?????
I wish I could be a spokesman for SUMAVEL and they could just pay me in a life time supply of these injections - that would make me very happy.....


  1. So the name Sumavel Desparo sounds like something straight out of a Harry Potter book! But I'm glad its helping you with your headaches;)

  2. To MaryAnn: the name is Sumavel DOSEPRO as in a professional dose, not "desparo".

    Becky, try having your doc appeal that amount to your insurance company. Mine wouldn't even cover it at first (Medica) and, after my neurologist wrote a letter of appeal, they not only covered it but give me 24 a month which is way more than I need! If they refuse, sumatriptan is also Imitrex and comes in a pill, nasal spray and injectable form. I have used the shots for years now and they truly are a miracle. It is the same drug, and really not a big deal to do. There is an injector which works quite well. Also, be sure to be hydrated. If you find you take sumatriptan and it doesn't work, you are likely dehydrated and need to drink at least a quart of water before it will work. Hope this info helps. Laurie

  3. my friend (Aubry Leong) shared your link to your blog with me because I suffer from chronic migraines. Recently i had one last for 12 days! And every day since then I have been having them. My doctor seems to not think anything big of it and keeps trying to give me drugs that don't really target migraines (like vicodine, which i have a bad reaction to). After a month of them not taking this seriously, I requested to get a referral to see a neurologist. They still haven't called me back about it. I will definitely mention this though! But it's a bumnmer they only allow to have 4 migraines a month! They have preventative meds but so far I have been allergic to all of them. I have also been trying vitamin supplements too but nothing has worked yet. I did read an article yesterday about botox helping migraines!

    By the way, is Cristen your daughter? She is in my ward and I absolutely adore her!

  4. Cristen is my niece - Aubrey is a good friend - BTW, Blue Cross now has given my 8 Sumavel Dosepro's per month - YEA!! So, now I get the 8 sumavel's and I also take Treximet (a pill that works great). I go to a neurologist in Encinitas - Dr. Blumenfeld - Check out his website:
    www.the-headachecenter.com for information on him and his practice. He is wonderful. I highly recommend him.