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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zip n Dip

Still waiting for the Cralls to arrive...we drove to the other side of the island today to Princeville for a zip n dip tour (a total BLAST!).

It consisted of 9 zip lines, lunch, and a secret waterhole which only John went swimming in.

There was also a rickety wooden bridge we had to cross. For some of us that was not very fun!!

Here are some self portraits I took and Bob took....

At the very end, the 9th zip was "King Kong" at 1200 feet long.
King kong is a tandem zip ... Very fun!

John and Julie were the first to go. And they didn't make it all the way to the ramp ... To grab hold of the brake rope. So, they backed up about 400 feet back up onto the zip and had to get rescued.....so sad....

This is me and Bob right before we took off on King Kong... We didn't want the same thing to happen to us! And it didn't! We made it all the way!!

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