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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yea, I know, it's been a little over a month since I've been back from Europe. And, I'm just now getting to update my blog.
Sorry - I've been super busy -
I'll just give you some highlights that me & Mickey had in London:

This is our hotel in London: Marriott County Hall
(it's right next to the London Eye)
This is us at STONEHENGE - very cool place!

Here we are in front of Buckingham Palace -

For all the Harry Potter Fans - platform 9 3/4

A famous artist - Banksy (this is my first taste of graffiti art)
Mickey was in heaven! She loves this artist!!
She said now her trip was complete -

That's the highlights from London - then we took the Eurostar Train over to Paris -
It went under the English Channel -

This is the Palace of Versailles (VERY fancy!)

Inside the Palace

The Louvre
These were our favorites: Venus de Milo

Winged Victory

Mona Lisa

Here is Notre Dame

This is the Arc de Triomphe

These are the Catacombes

My next blog post, I will show pictures of when we picked Joe (Elder Ford) up from the mission home in Paris, and our day we spent with him.

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