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Friday, March 1, 2013

California - Last day

Today, Friday, we stayed around the house.  The temperature was very hot - in the 80's.  So, Kiley & Ashton went outside in their bathing suits.  They put their feet in the water and that was all.  It's pretty cold in the pool right now.

They play so well together.  It's amazing!  They are such good kids.  They mind me and pick up after themselves (with a gentle reminder).

Today, Aunt Teri & Aunt Sue came over to visit for a bit.  Then we went to Aunt Teri's to see her new puppies.  Aunt Teri gave the kids a snack.  Then we were off to Walmart to look for a puzzle that they didn't have (sorry Melissa).

After lunch, Aunt Nancy came over to visit.

And tonight we are going to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  Then we are going to come home, watch a movie, and eat popcorn.  Can't wait!

Tomorrow we leave at 8:30am for our flights to Utah and North Carolina.

We are going to be so sad when the kids leave.  They've been so fun to have here.  We have loved every minute of it.  It just went by too fast.

See you all tomorrow!

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