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Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

We had all the Ford's over for a Barbque to celebrate Fathers day yesterday. By the time I decided to take a picture of all the fathers, Mickey & Shawn had already left, so, here are all the Fathers minus Shawn. They look pretty good don't they? Well, this was about the 10th take - Rita had to rearrange the guys to separate a few of them (not mentioning any names) so they would stop messing around. Here are a few of the mess ups:

Gotta Love those Ford boys!!!

Look what Ryan and Joe got Bob for Fathers Day -
aaahhh - they put such effort into it too!!
a picture frame with a picture of them in their hockey gear out on the ice - How could a dad not
love that? It even brought a tear to his eye!

And here's Kiley talking on the watermelon phone -
we're not quite sure what she's saying in vietnamese, but
she sure talks alot! She was even caught talking into some

1 comment:

  1. I'm sad Shawn missed out on the picture, but Kiley needed some quiet time and to go to bed. That's what happens when someone refuses to take a nap during the day. The father's day party was loads of fun!