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Monday, September 21, 2009


OH - DID I MENTION THAT BOB AND I HAD A DEAL? He could decorate the cabin any way he wanted and I could redecorate the bedroom at home. YIPEE!! HOORAY!! YEA!! Does that describe my feelings? Let me paint you a picture - we have a very beautiful bedroom at home, with a king size bed, 1 tall dresser, 1 long dresser, 1 very big armoire, and 1 hope chest all in OAK.

Now that is fine and dandy if you like honey stained Oak. Bob happens to really like Honey Stained Oak. We have lived with that bedroom set for a number of years and to put it quite frankly, I am getting sick of it. I need a change! We had pillows, chairs, and curtains to match a million years ago in maroon colors & you can only live with those colors for so long! I am SO ready for a change! I think I've lived with those colors long enough -

So, when he really wanted to decorate the cabin, I saw my chance.
Sue, refinishes furniture and I've seen what she can do. She has the touch - the magic touch! She just waves her magic wand and - poof - MAGIC!!

The first time we went to the cabin in Heber,
Sue took a small table from our Bedroom and (just as an experiment) painted it black to see how it would look. She distressed it and it came out just beautiful!! You would never even know that it was once a piece of that nasty looking honey stained oak. It looks so beautiful now.

Well, Bob went to Heber for a few days so, for the next few days Sue and I will be painting as much furniture as we can. The most important project is the bed. I spent yesterday afternoon getting it ready to move & last night the missionaries came by & moved it for me into the backyard. (those guys are so wonderful - always willing to do a service project!)

So, check back tomorrow - there will be some MAGIC going on at my house - this ugly oak bed will be transformed into a BEAUTIFUL work of art!!
Bob WILL love it - he just doesn't know it yet!


  1. The table looks beautiful! What a huge transformation. I can't wait to see the finishing project. Maybe you'll have more done when I come home this week!

  2. Im super excited for the bedroom renovation. Im not sure dad will ever like black furniture, but it is gonna look great!

  3. your bedroom is going to look awesome! can't wait till it's finished!