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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

127 Corridor World's Longest Yardsale

It's a sale like no other654 miles of yard sales, antiques dealers, flea markets, garage sales, and barn sales.

We've been making our "Wish Lists" of things we are looking out for. We've done our research on Ebay so we know what our items are worth and we're ready to haggle properly!

We're especially interested in trying the foods from the area. Just tonight, we drove all the way to Chatanooga just to find a "Five Guys" so we could have dinner (our first meal of the day). Sue said it was worth the drive!

What do you think the food and the packaging looks like?

A little like IN N OUT???

I hate to say it - but, it was was better than IN N OUT - You put Cajun spices on the fries (their the BEST!!!)

I hope we don't come home 10 lbs heavier!(of course not, we'll be walking so much - it will even out!)


  1. I was looking forward to your report and it didn't disappoint. I hate to break this to you though, they have 5 guys places in Utah -- I saw one last week in either SLC or maybe by Melissa's. Was it Heber???? that would work out well. Have fun tomorrow! Shari

  2. Oh Becky if you're in Chattanooga you MUST go to Sweet Peppers Deli for dinner. It's one of my favorite restaurants ever! If you're able to go, I suggest the mediterranean chicken panini.