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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday - What's Kentucky Like?

Well our purchases have exceeded our space in our car so we have finally decided to trade it in for a U-Haul Truck.
We'll have to drive home now so don't look for us on Monday.
We'll be arriving on Wednesday or Thursday.
So, Jake, i'm now seriously looking for that rocking chair that you were asking for.


This morning we got up and went first thing to the shoe repair man (the Cobbler). He fixed my bag in about 1 minute and charged me $1.00
(& I didn't even haggle over the price). He was really nice too!!

When looking for a good place to eat today - we asked the locals to recommend a good place. They said "Head on down to Ralphs front lawn, he has the best BBQ around."
That's just what Sue and I were lookin' for - so we drove on down to the
"Old Barn Bar-B-Que"
owned by Ralph Willis.

The was the BEST BBQ we ever had!! Sorry Rusty & Jill on Signal Mountain - You come in a close 2nd.

Ralph's wife Leetta makes all the fixin's: and they sure are good: homemade baked beans, homemade potato salad (these are the best I've ever had) -
I wanted to ask for the recipe!

Ralph's BBQ is incredible - I don't know what he puts on it - but it's SOOO GOOD! He even has corn on the cob cooking right on the BBQ in the husk. Now that's good cookin'! And, he gave us a taste of all his food - they are the nicest people!

We saw this sign today - thought it was funny since I got hurt yesterday
by the old 80 year old lady!
We saw alot of Amish people today - I wonder if they live here?

Once again - Making friends in the State of Kentucky
Sue likes to make friends with the animals and we went to the post office and made friends with Janice.

Sue with her "dress-up" vendor friends

We love being at the Worlds Longest Yard Sale!
We love being in Kentucky! It is a beautiful State - The people are so friendly -
It is so rural - lots of barns - green - cows - beautiful trees - just peaceful!

***(now a note***JK about the UHAUL - we'll see you on Monday)***
(Jake - I'm not really going to buy you a rocking chair)

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