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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wrapping It Up

Last day on the trail for us – and are we sad? Well, not because of the heat! It’s been unbearable-the humidity is horrible – I don’t know how people can live in this kind of heat! I’ll take California weather any ol’ day.


Sometimes Sue forgets things or misplaces things or even loses things. I don’t like to bring it up – but - the first day we were here she forgot her cell phone at one of the yard sales and we continued down the road a ways & she suddenly realized her phone was missing – so we went back & got it. The amazing thing was that she remembered where she had left it!

Then yesterday she bought a stethoscope at another yard sale (a very important item – one she couldn’t live without)! This stethoscope was a really good one and cost a whoppin’ $4.00. It was real – not a fake one. We tried it out and it really works. Well, when we got to the hotel room, she realized she didn’t have the stethoscope so guess what? We had to go back to the yard sale and get it. She was so happy to find her Stethoscope!


Then we found another new friend named Magnus – who was thrust from his Amish community at the wee age of nineteen. He showed us a “church key”. We didn’t know what a church key was. He explained that it was a tool to open an alcoholic beverage on the Sabbath day. Hence the church key.


As we went along the way we saw a sign that drew our attention. We approached, and met two sisters who were a hoot! They had signs everywhere! “Signs,Signs,everywhere signs….” They were our new friends we found in Kentucky.


“CONGRATULATIONS TO ME” ….. I am a WINNER!!! I got my next free Item today! YEA !!!!! This very nice looking man gave me (FOR FREE) this very rare juice glass (it doesn’t really matter what color it is.)


In Kentucky we got as far North as Frankfort and were going to stay the night but when we got to Frankfort at 2:30 pm on Sunday afternoon we decided to Hightail it back to Chattanooga and spend the night there.


But before heading down south for our 4 ½ hour drive, we decided to mosy on over to the “Waffle House” (there’s one on every corner.”) We had ourselves some Waffles for lunch & the diet cokes were the best!


As you can see from this photo - the vendors have all packed it in - time to say good-bye for this year. We'll see you again next year maybe. We've learned alot about this yard sale. It certainly isn't for everybody. But it was for us! We had a ball and were so glad that we came.
We loved every minute of it. If you ever decide to come - bring enough cash, suitcases, wet wipes, bubble wrap, & be prepared to make alot of new friends!
(BTW - that 4 1/2 hour drive from Frankfort to Chattanooga actually took 7 1/2 because we got lost.....again.)


  1. Love all of the photos and following your trip! I'm here at work and some people are looking at the photos too. I told them about the yard sale and he said he sees more pictures of eating than of the shopping... hmm. Good food?

  2. I am so sad it is over. What will I do for fun tomorrow? I am going to try snorkeling at Honolua to take care of this funk