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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday at the Yard Sale

Today - Friday - Another day on the 127 -TENN/KY:
As we drove into Crossville - we thought we were on the Winchester offramp! There was so much traffic! Everyone seemed to want to get off at that offramp.

We felt right at home - especially when a car decided it didn't want to wait in line like everyone else and wanted to cut in line right in front of us! We took a picture of the cheatin' car - & it's cheatin' driver!

Today I had a very bad accident - as I was looking at some beautiful glassware I happened to walk past a trailer which an old 80 year old woman was opening the door to. Well, the trailer door swung open very quickly & the radius was right in my pathway & it was coming right for me - before I knew it - the latch of the trailer had grazed the side of my back, torn my shirt, and shaken us all up pretty bad. (it hurt kinda bad - but i'm not going to complain about it.)
She ended up giving me a good deal on a milk glass pitcher.

We had lunch in Jamestown, TN at a place called the "Hangin' Hog". The food wasn't very good but the decoration right inside was well worth the trip.

We also picked up our "Official" Corridor 127 World's Longest Yard Sale T-Shirts
in Jamestown. This is the Headquarters for the yard sale and
I had pre-ordered our shirts.

Sometimes when we're driving - I don't know how it happens - but we get lost.
It's a good thing we have the GPS. But, one good thing comes out of it.
We always find beautiful country when we get lost. Just look at these pictures.

So, Sue has been looking for this blue pitcher everywhere we go. Today this vendor finally had one. Sue was so excited. The lady rummaged through her stuff, found the pitcher and told Sue that there was just one little problem with it. It had a crack in it so she would give it to her for only $3.00. So, she decided to pass on the pitcher.

A very disappointed sister....

On the way here, in the airport, my bag broke. Ever since, i've been looking for a shoe repair man in every city to fix it. But to no avail! I've looked everywhere.

Today Sue said she found a shoe repair man and I got so excited.
And then I realized she only meant the sign. Sometimes her jokes aren't so funny....

Tonight as we were coming into town, I said "I think this town will have a shoe repair man." Sue said "no way." And it was probably 30 seconds
later that we passed this business -
boy -oh -boy was I happy!!!

We met alot of new friends again today:
Sue made friends with some dogs

We made friends with people who wear these things around our necks to keep us cool - we all think we're cool!

Sue made friends with the lady from the post office -

All in All - it was a very successful day - - beautiful country!

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  1. You girls tell a good story and hang some good poses! I am completely entertained. The first thing I did upon getting the internet up and running here in MAUI was check on the Fleckner girls at the yard sale. I am mighty disappointed the truck is just a joke! Any self-respecting sisters hitting the largest garage sale in the world would come home in a truck!