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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Active New Zealand Tour

Sunday we were picked up at our hotel by ACTIVE NEW ZEALAND - the tour company we are using for our tour of the South Island.  
The tour we did was called "The Tui"

It is a week long tour (Sunday to Sunday).  They picked us up at 9:30am and we drove all the way from Christchurch (on the east coast) 
to Okarito (on the west coast).

On the drive to the west coast, our first stop was at some really big rocks called "castle hill".  We were told that this is where part of "the Hobbit" was filmed.  It was a cool area.  We hiked around there for a bit.

Then we did another hike at "Devils punch bowl waterfall" 
in "Arthurs Pass"
Very beautiful area, when we were done with the hike we were 
served lunch in a park.

Back to the van for the rest of our drive - we did stop for a bit in Hokatika and I bought a beautiful Jade Necklace that was made from New Zealand Jade -

Then on to Okarito - We stayed at the Okarito Beach House
(it's like a house and everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom, then you eat in the dining room).

This is a view of the bedroom we had at the Okarito Beach House
The VERY big table we ate dinner & breakfast at, 
we need this size table at the Cabin!

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