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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


In Auckland, we saw this sign:

And we didn't know what Busking was.  We figured it meant no playing guitars in public.  We found out later on once we got to Christchurch what it meant.


After Auckland, we caught a flight down to Christchurch in the south island.  We are staying at a little motel (there are hundreds of them), called:  Merivale Manor Motel.  It's cute and they are within walking distance 
of the many things to see.

As you know, Christchurch suffered a huge earthquake last year and they are rebuilding.  They had to tear down 900 buildings that had suffered the quake and it's taken a long time to rebuild the city.

So, we walked around this town, and then we saw some signs for a Buskers Festival that night in the park.  

We had to go and find out what Busking was all about.
 This guy did a show that was really stupid - he took a broom and made it dance with sticks.  Hard to explain.  But it was so stupid we finally left.

This show, Bob drug me to.  He said it was gonna be SO great.  Devil Dan.
We went into the tent with about 25 other people, and watched this guy as he demonstrated his talent with a paddle / ball.  (you know, where the ball is attached to a paddle by an elastic string and you hit the ball with the paddle). 
It was REALLY stupid.

But, we found out through watching different shows, that Busking is nothing but street entertaining.
This was the Buskers World Festival and they had people from all over.  We saw 2 shows with guys from Denver, Colorado.  Not sure where other performers were from, but it's definitely an eye-opener! For sure!

That was our big day in Christchurch - the next day we begin our week long adventure with Active New Zealand.

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