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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tuesday - Siberia

Aaaahhh Tuesday - a very busy day!

We drove to Makarora and took a 4 passenger plane up into the Siberia Wilderness in the Mt. Aspiring National Park. (we were the last 4 people to get there which was fine with me because once you got there, there were these sand flies that bite you and we got a lot of bites).

We were supposed to sleep in the Siberia Wilderness Hut but we opted to stay in this tent because there were about 20 people staying in the hut that night.

We went for a hike for lunch but ended up continuing the hike up to Lake Crucible.  Well, we almost made it there - we hiked a very long time, and knew that if we continued on to the Lake we wouldn't make it back to the hut until after dark.  So, we made it to the bottom of the crater - that was good enough for me!  It was very steep!!!

This is what Lake Crucible looks like from the airplane - it's mostly ice!

A great day!
When we got back to the hut it was about 8:15pm and dinner was ready for us.
We had stir fry and for dessert:  "Tim Tam Slam" (its a New Zealand specialty).

We slept in the tent and I FROZE in the night.  I guess I didn't realize when you sleep in a mummy bag you need to zip it up all the way.  
Oh well, live and learn!

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