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Sunday, February 24, 2013

California - Day 1

Usually on Sundays we sleep in because theres no one at home but Bob, me, and Reef.  This morning was a little different.  At 6:30 we starting hearing little voices and little feet running around the house.  
When we came into the kitchen this is what we found:
I had bought Kiley a dress to wear to church and she wanted to try it on last night but I told her to wait until the morning.  So, here she is in her new dress that she put on all by herself.  Ashton was having fun with his pokemon and skylander cards.

I had told the kids about these green smoothies that I make and they wanted to help out.  They even told me they would drink it.

Well, they did enjoy putting the ingredients into the blender.....

See Ashtons face - he's so interested in seeing how this whole process works.

But then he saw the color and wasn't so sure anymore....

 He was a good sport and drank a little bit of the smoothie.  
Kiley loved hers and drank it all up!

Then Grandpa made pancakes - heart pancakes, snowmen pancakes, star pancakes....a lot of pancakes.
They ate up real good!
We all went to church and our grandkids were the best behaved children there!

When we came home from church, we ate lunch in the backyard - (very warm day)
Me and the kids played hide and seek -
Then Grandpa & Kiley & Reef went for a walk and met some horses - 
Kiley got to feed one of the horses some mints.

We had Grandma Ford over for dinner tonight:  Spaghetti -  
The kids loved it and were great eaters.
And they were both in bed by 8:15 (and asleep 5 minutes later)

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  1. Ashton's face is priceless when he sees that the smoothie is green.