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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Monday - Franz Josef Glacier / Haast

Monday was cool.  We paid a little extra to do the Heli-Hike up to the Franz Josef Glacier.  We took a Helicopter ride up (very beautiful).  He hiked around for about 2 hours with a guide - very cool place 
& we got some cool pictures.

That was DEFINITELY one of the Highlights of the trip for us!

After the Glacier hike we had lunch, then did another hike called the Franz Josef Glacier Walk.  It was pretty flat and a very easy walk.

After the walk, we drove the rest of the way to a town called Haast where we stayed at a hotel called:  "Heartland Hotel World Heritage - Haast"  It was a real hotel with a bed & bathroom in the room.

For dinner tonight, we ate in the pub:  Fish-n-chips -  
(we ate this dinner quite alot on this trip).

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